Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Visit to "Padriac's" and "Social" in Vinings, Georgia

Andy and I frequent going out to eat. It's my favorite thing to do aside from cooking, so let's call this section of my blog "What's Cooking Around Town." It works for me, hopefully it works for you too!

On Saturday afternoon, Andy and I headed to Vinings to hang out with our friends Josh and Eliza. We met them at an Irish Pub called "Padriac's." It was a low-key, casual place. I'm not a big drinker, so Andy got me some sweet champagne/wine/beer thing called "Lindeman's Frambois Raspberry." Eliza got the peach flavor. It was pretty decent for a girly drink.

As we cruised through town, we noticed a few really cool places to eat. Josh suggested we go to a bar called "Social," and apparently the reviews for the food looked impressive, so we headed down the street to experience it.

Social had a great atmosphere. We sat by the window and were there quite a while since the boys were getting their drink on, so we ordered some food. Andy noticed sushi on the menu, so he ordered some sashimi. He said that the smoked salmon was fishy, but the tuna was amazing.

I am allergic to fish, but not shellfish (yes, I know I'm allergic to everything). So, I ordered the shrimp tempura roll.

My roll was okay. I was pretty full from the appetizers I had ordered before the roll, the fried pepper jack cheese sticks with tomato aioli and the filet mignon bruschetta. Sound good? Guess again. I wasn't impressed...but I was hungry, so there wasn't anything left of what I ate. Sorry!

Andy did get a cheese plate with some pecans and prosciutto that he enjoyed.

The company was good :) The food was just OKAY. I think I'll "socialize" elsewhere next time.


Eliza and Josh...

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