Monday, March 12, 2012

The Incredible Sandwich Factory in Alpharetta, Georgia

Last week, Andy and I visited a little sandwich shop our friend Wayne recommended off of McFarland Road in Alpharetta, Georgia. It is called "The Incredible Sandwich Factory."

This place was awesome! The owner, Julio, is not only a delight to talk to, but has done a great job of giving his delicious sandwiches a lot of character; they are all themed around movies, like "The Porkfather," and "Top Turkey."

The food here was scrumptious! Julio puts a lot of time into the meats, making it tender and succulent. You can add anything from grilled avocado (Julio says that he grills it because it tastes like avocado butter :) to jalapenos to your sandwich. Andy and I shared "The Mariachi," with pork with grilled avocado, American and Swiss cheese, red and tomatillo sauces and lettuce and tomato. Yum! We also shared "The Great Roast." WOW! This one has fat free mayo, whole round eye pot roast, spicy onion salad, red sauce, and of course, we added the grilled avocado. Let me tell you, that spicy onion salad and red sauce were TO DIE FOR! Andy isn't even a fan of red meat, and he DEVOURED his half of this one. It was unbelievable.

All his bread comes in fresh, which makes the sandwiches even more enjoyable. Julio believes in using all local ingredients as well- something we can all appreciate.

The restaurant is open from 7 am to 7 pm Monday through Friday, so definitely go by on your lunch hour or visit after work for dinner. They are located at 1545 McFarland Parkway, Alpharetta, 30005, and their website address is You can also like the "The Incredible Sandwich Factory" on Facebook.

Drop by for an "Incredible" sandwich today, and tell Julio that Neeta sent you :)


  1. Thx for your review Neeta =) i am so blessed and happy to have customers enjoy my food and to visit me regularly, i cant wait to see you and Andy again, see you soon!!!

    Julio Castro

  2. Neeta thanks for coming again with your family, your father is so funny and your mom is charming ( just like you ) i had the visit of 2 of your friends the other day, i hope they love my food as well, they said it was great, so i cant wait to see you and Any soon!! take care and thanks for everything!


  3. Thank you, Julio!!! We really enjoy talking with you. I have sent a few people over lately, too. Your sandwiches rock!!!!

    See you soon!